Shaki and Jake
Shaki and Jake

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Our Story

Shaki and Jake met during the summer of 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. They had their first date at a beautiful French restaurant in Buckhead. There was an instant amazing connection for both Shaki and Jake! For the next year and a half, the two were inseparable! The cutest similarity was that Jake was from a family of four boys and Shaki was from a family of four girls! Shaki and Jake are both the third child!

They traveled the world visiting beautiful places that they both had always wanted to explore. They visited the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Mexico, Greece, and Italy. They loved seeing new places and trying new experiences! From attending a boxing event in Thailand to riding horses in the Dominican Republic, they continued to find new adventures!

To celebrate Shaki's birthday in September 2018, Jake planned an amazing trip to Paris, France. Paris had been one place that Shaki had always dreamed of traveling to since she was a little girl. On the last night of their trip, Jake took Shaki to the Paris Opera House. They sat front row and enjoyed a showing of "Les Huguenots." At the end of the night, as they exited the Opera House, he pulled her aside and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. She said yes!
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